Roller Disco Flashdance Party

What a feeling! Believing is easy when you watch all of the passion (not to mention fashion) at the Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco Flashdance Party! Everyone Walked the red carpet and where real stars at Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco party. The 80′s are back…. and on skates!!!!! Lola Star is bringing the magic of Coney Island to Lakeside in Prospect Park and she’s pressing rewind on the decades to a time when leg warmers, BIG crimped hair, Shoulder Pads and Gawdy-Anything was in! For her kick-off Skate Party Theme, Lola Star choose FLASHDANCE to usher in her Summer of Skating!!! Lola Star celebrates all that is gloriously glitzy and 80′s inspired and wants you to take part in the magic with her!Everyone broke out their best 80′s looks, and nabbed some peppy dance spirit, everyone rolled to Lakeside in Prospect Park and celebrated the start of a season of glitz, glamour, and SKATING!!!!!

Music by DJ Dhundee

Dazzling performances by Jenny McGowan Miss. Saturn & Ali Luminescent

Free Roller Disco Dance lessons by Helen Burkett of the World Famous Pontani Sisters