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rink dance


Dreamland Roller Rink is the dream-come-true of Coney Island artist and activist, Lola Star!


Lola Staar at Coney Island

Our first Dreamland Roller Rink manifestation was located in the beautiful Childs Building on the Coney Island boardwalk! This magical rink opened with a gigantic disco-bang and existed from 2008-2010!


Our star studded opening party was hosted by Glamour Magazine and Tommy Hilfiger and attend by sparking stars like Marissa Tomei and Ashanti!  Check out photos of this event!  And, watch the film, Glamour magazine made about Dreamland Roller Rink and photos of the star studded red carpet Dreamland Movie Premier!

dreamland movie poster

Dreamland Roller Rink filled the Childs Building with hot pink roller skating magic until 2010 when the owners of the building decided they would prefer to leave their building vacant for now!  We are very grateful for the time we were able to inhabit this incredible terracotta building with gigantic arches which opened to the Coney Island beach and boardwalk!  We had some incredible disco fabulous days of skating and dazzling theme party music filled nights!  Check out photos of some of our incredible events!

pink dress3


We are currently looking for a new location for Dreamland Roller Rink!  Please contact us if you have any suggestions our would like to help make the next incarnation of Dreamland Roller Rink into a reality!   We have a few exciting opportunities in the works!  In the meantime you can visit us at our two fabulous boutiques in Coney Island and check out the fantastic line of Tee Shirts, Accessories and Collectibles which Lola designs herself!!


Please sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for exciting details about our fabulous reopening!

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